What is Metabolism?

It is like a engine inside the body which burns the calories which we supply to our body through food in the same way as the engine of a vehicle burns petrol or diesel.

Every individual has different metabolism. It could be slow, moderate or fast varying from person to person. So you must be wondering which type of metabolism type is good and which is bad?

Well slow metabolism is not good for anyone because if you have slow metabolism your body is not burning calories and you are eating food and thus providing with more calories to the body which leads to fat gain or weight gain.

How to check your metabolic rate?

  • It is very simple to check your metabolic rate.
  • Use a BMR calculator.
  • Here BRM does not mean Body Mass Ratio. It means Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • This will give you an idea of what your metabolism rate is.

BMR Formula:

There are 2 formulae used to calculate BMR, in [kcal / 24hrs] for men and women respectively:

1. BMR for Men = 66.47 + (13.7 * weight [kg]) + (5 * height [cm]) − (6.8 * age [years])

2. BMR for Women = 655.1 + (9.6 * weight [kg]) + (1.8 * height [cm]) − (4.7 * age [years])

You can easily calculate your Metabolic rate or BMR using the above two formulae.

Types of Metabolism:

Slow Metabolism:

People who are overweight have a slow metabolism as their body is unable to burn calories and every time they eat food they are increasing the calories in the body which is resulting in weight gain. Their calorie intake is more then the calorie burning rate.

Fast Metabolism:

While people who are thin have a very fast metabolism which means your body is burning calories at a faster rate then your are providing calories to the body. In simple words your calorie burning rate is more then your calorie consumption.

What people with fast metabolism should do?

  • Calculate your BMR.
  • Add 500-1000cal extra to your BMR per day.
  • Let’s say your BMR is 1500cal they you should consume approx. 2500 cal/day for gaining weight.
  • If you do this then you will gain 1-2 lb in a week.
  • Reduce your cardio. If you do cardio then limit it to 1-2times/week.
  • If you workout then limit it to 4times a week.
  • Consume 5-6 meals a day.
  • Do not go for weight gainers as there is not shortcut to gain weight. Do not waste money on weight gainers as it will bloat your belly and your body will still remain thin.

What people with slow metabolism should do?

  • You have to stay in calorie deficit which means you have to burn more calories and eat less calories.
  • Calculate your BMR.
  • Reduce your calorie intake by 500-800cal.
  • If your BMR is 1800cal then you should consume approx. 1000-1300 cal/day to loose weight.
  • Keep changing your calorie from time to time by recalculating the BMR.
  • Burn more calories by doing cardio 4-5 times/week minimum.
  • Do workout at least 6 times a week.
  • By eating less calories it does not mean that you should not eat at all. Because if you are thinking that by not eating at all the whole day will help you loose weight then you are completely wrong. If you do not eat then you are completely shutting down your metabolism which is very bad and will lead to further gain in weight.
  • Eat small meals every 2.5-3hours.
  • Do not eat junk food as it will further slow down your metabolism.
  • Drink 3L water in a day.

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