Sundrop is a popular brand in Indian market. It’s peanut butter is also very popular in India. Now lets review Sundrop peanut butter product.

For any product most important thing is the label. So first have a look at the label.

Sundrop peanut butter

  • Now looking at the label 2 spoons(30gm) contains 192calories, 8gm protein, 6gm carbs (out of which 2gm is sugar and 2gm is fiber),  15gm fat (3gm saturated fat, 8gm monounsaturated fat, 4gm polyunsaturated fat and 0gm trans fat), cholesterol 0gm and sodium content is 107gm.
  • Now unsaturated fat per serving looks okay.
  • Sodium should have been a litter low but still it is acceptable.
  • Sugar is also okay, but normally sugar in peanut butter must be 0.
  • Going by the label the product looks okay. But you cannot completely judge the product by looking only at the label.
  • So, lets look at the ingredients list.

sundrop peanut butter ingredients

  • Ingredients list contains: Roasted peanuts, sugar, stabilizer (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Peanut Oil, Iodised Salt.
  • Now this list looks a little suspicious. Why?
  • Because of the Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids.
  • Now, what is Mono and Diglyceride Fatty Acid? Well to put is simply it is a synthetic fat. It is not a natural fat and is made from glycerol.
  • It can either come from plant or animal fat as the company has not disclosed the source of the fat.
  • Which means it could contain plant fat like palm oil, canola oil, hydrogenated oil which is bad for health. Also it can contain animal fat which can come from pork, cow etc which is not for vegetarians.
  • If E-471 Mono and Diglyceride Fatty Acid was mentioned then the fat would have come from plant sources. But still the fat remains unhealthy which is bad for health.
  • Sundrop should have disclosed the source of Mono and Diglyceride Fatty Acid.
  • Peanut butter should only have fat which comes from the peanuts itself.

Let’s have a look at other Peanut Butter product.

Peanut butter

  • This is the label of Adam’s Peanut Butter.
  • Now look at the ingredient list of this product. The ingredients list contains only peanuts and nothing else.
  • So you should purchase a product which has this kind of label.
  • If the ingredients list contains peanuts and salt that’s also acceptable. But except for salt and peanuts it should not have anything else.
  • So Sundrop peanut butter is not recommended for consumption.

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