Dates: One of the Healthiest Fruits which can cure many Diseases

Dates can work wonders for curing many diseases.

Dates are among the oldest fruits which are a product of date palm which has been a staple food in the middle eastern countries. They can be eaten both fresh and dried. These fruits are oval to cylindrical in shape and about 3 to 7 cm long. Unripe dates are bright yellow or red while the ripened variants are brown and shriveled. Based on their sugar content they can be categorized into three: soft, semi-soft and dried. They have 282 calories/100gm.

Being one of the healthiest fruits they are said to have properties that can cure many diseases. A few amazing health benefits are as follows:

  • Digestion : They have fibers that helps in cleaning up of gastrointestinal system, improving the colon efficiency.
  • Heart : Fiber in present in the fruit is also known to improve the heart.
  • Anti-Inflammatory : They have high content of magnesium, a mineral having numerous anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and other inflammatory problems.
  • Blood Pressure : Magnesium is also known to bring the blood pressure under control. They are also rich in potassium which helps in heart function and controlling blood pressure.
  • Stroke Risk : According to a research in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, stroke risks were reduced by 9% for every 100mg of magnesium.
  • Anaemia : Anaemia is characterized by low quantity of red blood cells and iron deficiency. They are rich in iron, thus qualifying to be a perfect remedy of anaemia.
  • Healthy Nervous System : They have all essential vitamins for proper functioning of the nervous system and Potassium in them helps in speeding brain alertness.
  • Pregnant Women : They are rich in Iron which is good for both the mother and the foetus, helps improve muscles of uterus by allowing it to enlarge in a smooth manner and provide adequate nutrition to mother’s milk and also prevent Haemorrhage soon after the birth of the child.
  • Night Blindness : Consumption on a regular basis can help in maintaining healthy eyes and can also help in preventing night blindness.
  • Sexual Stamina : Some studies show that dates can help boost sexual stamina as they contain estradiol and flavonoid, which helps in increasing sperm count.
  • Tooth Decay : Fluorine present in them helps to fight against tooth decay by removing plaque and strengthening the tooth enamel.
  • Healthy Skin : Dates contain vitamin C, which facilitates elasticity of the skin and helps in making the skin tender and smooth. Vitamin B5 present in dates helps in removing stretch marks.
  • Smooth Hair : Vitamin B5 is also an essential component to maintain healthy hair. Vitamin B5 deficiency can lead to hair loss, brittle hair and split ends.

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