Every morning when you wake up and think about breakfast what comes in the mind is Kellog’s corn flakes. Corn flakes is introduced in India from the western countries and it is not a traditional Indian cereal.

So, let’s review the product, is it good or bad for health?

Corn flakes is a cereal based product which can be consumed just by adding milk and it do not require any cooking as it is ready made when packed.

Nutrition Label:

kellog's corn flakes product review

1. One serving contains 100 cal. and fat is 0.

2. Cholesterol is o which is great and sodium is 200mg which is acceptable.

3. Total carbs. is 24gm. out of which 1gm. is dietary fiber and 2gm. of sugar.

4. Protein is 2gm.

5. Rest there are vitamins.

Now let’s look at the Ingredients label:

1. Ingredient list contains milled corn (conversion of corn into flakes in a mill), sugar, malt flavoring.

2. It has high fructose corn syrup which is the biggest problem here.

3. If any product has written high fructose corn syrup in its ingredient list then don’t purchase it as it your biggest enemy.

4. If you are health conscious then you don’t want this product.

5. Now lets go back to the nutrition label.

6.  Fat and cholesterol is 0 which is good. 200mg sodium is also acceptable.

7. All looks good, so what’s the problem.

8. Well, the fiber is only 1gm and 2gm protein is also very low.

9. This product has very negligible fiber and protein content which is very bad.

10. And the carbohydrates in this product are coming from high fructose corn syrup.

11. This carbohydrate is a simple carb and is high in Glycemic Index. It has a GI of about 85 which is very high. So this is going to spike your insulin levels and will cause diabetes problems later on. So, this product is not at all meant for diabetic people.

12. If you don’t workout then this will cause fat storage and even diabetes later on.

13. Without fiber and protein your stomach will not be full and you are going to starve again in 1-2 hours.

14. 24gm simple carbohydrate will be digested fast by your body, spike your insulin, go into blood stream and will cause fat storage.

15. If you think that it has low calories i.e only 100, and it will help you in weight loss. Then you are wrong. You have to understand that weight loss depends on the overall calories which you consume over the day and not the single meal calories. A single meal can never reduce your weight. You need to understand that it is only a marketing gimmick.

What you should see while purchasing the product?

1. It should not have high fructose corn syrup in it.

2. It must have protein and fiber above 5gm/serving (1/2 a cup).

3. Sugar must be less than 5gm.

4. 24-25gm carbohydrate will not be a problem if it has 5gm or more fiber and protein as it will fill you up and prevents insulin spike.


  • This product is not good for health.
  • It will cause insulin spike and maybe later on diabetes problem.
  • It is not good for brain and heart as it do not have any healthy fat.
  • It will also cause blood pressure imbalance.
  • So don’t buy this kind of product.

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