Jaggery (gud) is the widely used in countries like India. After sugar it is the second most used sweetener.

How Jaggery is made?

Just like sugar it is made with sugarcane. The juice is extracted from the cane and is put in a container, in which it is boiled for hours. After hours of boiling the juice converts into a thick paste as the water gets evaporated. Finally, pieces are cut out of that thick paste.

Jaggery Calories and Ingredients:

  • Minerals like Zinc and Selenium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • 0.5gm Protein in 100gm (negligible)

Calories: 358/100gm out of which approximately 85gm is sugar

Benefits of Jaggery:

  • It prevents formation of free radicals in the body due to pollution.
  • Improves digestion as it activates digestive enzymes
  • It detoxifies body especially liver, lungs.
  • Relieves women of cramps or stomach pain during periods.

Comparison: White Sugar vs. Jaggery:

  • Both are made from sugarcane.
  • White sugar is refined sugar while jaggery is not a refined sugar.
  • White sugar have totally empty calories (no benefit to body) i.e. it do not contain any vitamins, minerals etc.
  • On the other hand jaggery have some vitamins and minerals so it is not 100% empty calories.

So, in comparison to white sugar jaggery is the better option.

Final Verdict:

  • So, should you eat jaggery? Well the answer is no, because the benefits are very tiny.
  • White sugar has 100% sugar, while jaggery has 65-70% sugar and rest fructose and glucose so it is only a little better than white sugar.
  • So it is not at all meant for diabetic persons as it has high glycemic index so it will spike the insulin levels.
  • If you want to replace it with white sugar then it is fine, but it is not meant for diabetic people.
  • If you are not diabetic and are addicted to sweet things then you can use it 10-15gm/day and 3-4times/week after a meal.
  • Still there are various other good sources of nutrition which can use instead of it.
  • So, if you do physical exercise and have no health problems then you can use jaggery but keep in mind that in the end it is still sugar.

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