Mustard oil or sarson ka tail (common name in India) is obtained from mustard seeds and it is one of the most commonly used oils in India. There are two different type of oils which are made from mustard seeds:

1. Vegetable Oil: It is a fatty vegetable oil which is obtained by pressing the seeds.

2. Essential Oil: To obtain this oil seeds are first grinded and mixed with water and then the volatile oil is extracted by distillation.

Mustard Oil Nutrition:

First lets talk about the nutrition of the oil.

1. 1 spoon of oil gives you 14gms of fat and as oil is the primary source of fat so there is no protein and carbohydrates.

2. Out of 14gms of fat 12gm is unsaturated fat that is healthy fat and 2gm is saturated fat which is somewhat a bad fat.

           Total Fat= 14 g.

           Unsaturated Fat= 12 g.

           Monounsaturated Fat= 8 g.

           Polyunsaturated Fat= 4 g.

           Saturated Fat= 2 g.

3. Going by the nutritional facts this oil as as equivalent to olive oil.

4. But is it as healthy as olive oil? Is mustard oil good for health?

5. Well the answer is no. If you are using mustard oil for cooking stop using it.

6. Confused? To remove your confusion let’s further breakdown the fat present in the mustard oil.

Why is Mustard Oil bad for you:

1. Lets breakdown the fat which is present in the oil.

2. Around 50% of the fat present in mustard oil comes from Erucic Acid.

3. Erucic Acid is a highly toxic acid which is harmful for the human body according to FDA.

Mustard Oil Side Effects:

1. Erucic acid is present naturally in the mustard seeds and it can not be extracted from the seeds, that is why it is banned by FDA.

2. Erucic acid produces triglycerides (which is fat) around the muscles of the heart which causes heart damage, cardiovascular diseases. It is harmful for lungs also as it effects your breathing and can also cause lung cancer.

3. Erucic acid is mostly used in paints and is not meant for human use.


Mustard oil is banned in USA, Canada and Europe for cooking and internal use and is only available for external purposes only.

So mustard oil can be used for external purposes like massage, hair, skin massage etc. and is not meant for internal use at all.

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