How to improve poor digestion?

Digestive system is what digests the food which you eat. It the very important part of the body and if you have poor digestive system then it means trouble for you.

You may be having poor digestion if you are eating food and going to toilet frequently or not going at all. In both cases you have poor digestion. It is very important for every human being to have a healthy digestive system.

Reasons for Poor Digestion:

1. Bacterial Imbalance:

Two types of Bacteria is present in the gut, good bacteria (85%) and bad bacteria (15%). Good bacteria helps in breakdown and digestion of food especially starch, fiber and sugars.

If you eat a lot of junk food, sugars, fatty food etc then it will decrease the good bacteria and increases the bad bacteria in the gut which causes bacterial imbalance in the gut.

A bacterial imbalance in the intestinal tract leads to poor digestion. Intestinal tract has small and large intestine. After the food id broken down in the stomach it reaches the small intestine where it is absorbed by the blood vessels and is delivered to the body. Large intestine is where the waste undigested food gets excreted out.

Now if you have bacterial imbalance the food do not reach small intestine and reaches the large intestine where it is excreted out without reaching the body parts.


2. Enzyme Deficiency:

Today a lot of people have a deficiency of enzymes in their body. Enzyme helps to breaks down the food which you eat. It breaks carbohydrates into glucose, protein into amino acid and fat into fatty acid.

If your food is deficient in enzyme then your pancreas have to do the work of breaking down the food which puts it under a lot of stress. If the pancreas is unable to breakdown the food then this will lead to indigestion.

So for proper digestion enzymes are very important.

3. Low Fiber in Diet:

Fiber helps in bowel movement. So if you eat a diet which is low in fiber content then you will face a problem of constipation because of low bowel movement. If you have poor bowel movement the the food just sits in the intestine for longer period of time and do not get flushed out which creates a problem of constipation, hemorrhoids, piles, gas etc

How to improve poor digestion:

1. Fix Bacterial Imbalance:

So you have to fix this bacterial imbalance by adding foods containing good bacteria to your diet.

Foods with good bacteria: Yogurt and Kefir

2. Add Foods Rich in Enzymes:

You need to add vegetables to the diet. Raw vegetables and salad like onion, carrot, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cucumber etc. helps in fulfilling the enzyme deficiency.

You can add two fruits papaya and pineapple to the diet. They have an enzyme called pepsin which is very important for digestion.

Most people don’t chew the food properly. Chewing food properly helps in pre-digestion (digestion of food in mouth by saliva)

3. Increase Fiber Intake:

Increase the fiber intake in your diet as will help in proper bowel movement.

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