Lemon water or Lemonade is one of the most common drinks for a quick boost. At some point of our lives we all have drink lemon water. There are tons of benefits of lemon water.

Benefits of Lemon Water:

1. It contains Vitamin C which boosts our immune system.

2. It contains pectin fiber which helps to improve bowel movement.

3. It also helps liver to produce extra bile which enables you to easily digest complex carbohydrates ex: brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats etc.

4. It also helps in reducing bloating.

5. It cleans the intestines thus relieves stool and reduces constipation problems.

6. It keeps you hydrated by replenishing salt and minerals in the body. It is more efficient that the packaged drinks.

7. Drinking alcohol makes your body dehydrated or in a state of hangover as liver absorbs water from body to flush out the toxins which are produced by alcohol from  the body. Lemon water helps you overcome hangover.

8. It helps to control blood pressure. Blood pressure is raised due to the dehydration of the lymphatic system. Vitamin C present in lemon water helps to rehydrate the lymphatic system. If you have blood pressure problem do not add salt to the lemon water.

9. It is very good for skin and increases the glow of the skin. Vitamin C is very important for the skin as it purifies your blood, and helps in healthy skin growth.

You can also add honey to lemon water if you have sore throat. Lukewarm lemon water in the morning on empty stomach without sugar and salt helps to detox the body. Also best time to drink lemonade is between meals. Calories present in lemon water depends on the ingredients which are added to the water ex: sugar, salt, honey etc.

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