Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is obtained from Camellia sinensis leaves. It is different from oolong and black tea because it has not undergone the oxidation and withering process which oolong and black teas undergo. Green tea has its origin in China but now it has spread to many countries in Asia.

Based on the variety of Camellia sinensis used, growth conditions, processing and harvest time there are different types of green tea.

Its leaves are not fermented like other teas out there and so they are rich in anti-oxidants.

Benefits of Green Tea:

1.Prevents Heart Disease:

It contains anti-oxidants like anthocyanidin and flavan-3-ols which are good for cardiovascular and metabolic health. It also has beta-blocking compounds, diuretic compounds and calcium channel blockers which regulates high blood pressure and cholesterol levels which are believed to be the cause of heart disease.

Flavonoids, present in the tea have anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombogenic, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and neuro-protective properties, keeps our heart healthy.

2. Prevents Memory Loss:

It prevents the breakdown of acetlycholine ( a neurotransmitter linked with memory) and inhibits the ezymes such as beta-secretase and BuChE (protein deposits found in the brain effected with Alzheimer’s disease).

Flavonoids present in it protects the brain from oxidative stress which is caused due to the increased level of damage causing free radicals in the brain. Catechins found in green tea reduces the level of damage causing free radicals in the brain. Thus it protects our brain from memory loss.

3. Prevent Diabetes:

It helps to regulate the blood sugar levels and improves glycemic control. It is rich in anthocyanidins and flavan-3-old which stabilizes insulin sensitivity. Catechins present in the green tea such as EGCG have anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties.

4. Prevents Eye Diseases:

It protects the eyes from the damage caused due to oxidation and prevents vision loss. Catechins present in it pass from the digestive tract to reach the tissues of the eyes and reduce the oxidative stress, thus improves eye health.

5. Healthy Bones:

It promotes bone health and makes the bones healthy and strong. Catechins and EGCG increases the bone growth by stumulating an enzyme that regulates bone growth. It also gives a boost to bone mineralization which helps in the development of strong bones.

6. Helps in Weight Loss:

It gives a boost to the metabolic rate and thus can prevent excess weight gain. Some studies show that it tends to lower the body fat especially in the abdominal area. So it can help you in weight loss.

7. Anti-Cancer:

Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells into a tumor. Anti-oxidants present in the green tea protests the cells from the oxidative damage caused by the formation of free radicals. It is a very powerful anti-oxidant which destroys free radicals and thus can help in preventing breast, prostate and colorectal cancer.

8. Anti-Ageing

Polyphenols like catechins present in the green tea are anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory in nature. They prevent skin inflammation and and helps in the growth of new skin cells and promotes a healthy skin.

So drinking green tea on a regular basis may help improve your health. It will boost your overall daily performance and helps you look younger and feel more energetic. It does not have any side effects.

What is the best time to drink Green tea:

  • In between meals (Two or three hours before of after a meal)
  • Do not drink early in the morning on empty stomach as it can have adverse effects on the liver
  • Drink not more than 2-3 cups/day

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