Hair loss is one of major problems faced by people in today’s world. If you are also one of them then this article is for you.

One of the causes of hair loss can be DHT. Now what is it? It stands for Dihydrotestosterone. But before DHT let’s talk about Testosterone. Testosterone is the number 1 male hormone which is important for males and is produced by every male. Testosterone is also present in females but 15 times less than males because female’s number 1 hormone is estrogen.

Excess DHT: A reason for Hair Loss

Now, let’s talk about it. When your body starts producing large amount of testosterone which can be due to any reason e.g. external testosterone intake, high protein diet etc. Then your body converts this extra testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone through an enzyme called 5-AR or 5 Alpha Reductase. Body normally converts only 5-10% testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone as we need it. It is responsible for our male characteristics, for example, take the case of voice: a male has manly voice because of the it, another role is beard growth, growth of male during puberty is also defined by this hormone. So, it is very important but, in a balanced amount.

But in some cases body converts more than required testosterone into DHT using 5-AR, which is a problem,.

Now these excess DHT receptors gets attached with the hair follicles. The more the number of receptors attaches with the hair follicle the thinner the hair will get and ultimately results in hair loss.

DHT Hair Loss

So what can be done?

DHT can not be completely blocked as it is very important. But it can be balanced by preventing the extra conversion of testosterone. This can be done by introducing 2 nutrients in your diet. These 2 important nutrients are Lycopene and Lycine.

Lycopene Food Sources: Tomatoes, Watermelon, Mangoes, Carrots etc.

Lycine Food Sources: Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Peacans etc.

Try eating these foods uncooked so that you can get all the nutrients present in these foods.

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