Fix Knee Pain: Reason for pain, treatment & home remedies.

Knee is one of the largest, strongest and most complex joints in out body.

Function of knee:

  • It acts as a hinge which allow bending and swinging of the leg.
  • Rotation of feet through hip.
  • A healthy knee provides 150deg of free movement.
  • Standing, walking, running everything is dependent on the knees.

Muscles of knee and joint anatomy:

knee joint       knee cartilage knee joint anatomy

A knee joint consists of:

  1.  Femur (Thigh Bone)
  2.  Tibia (Shin Bone)
  3.  Fibula
  4.  Patella (knee cap)
  5.  Tendons: They join knee bones to the leg muscles which moves the knee joint
  6.  Ligaments: They connect knee bones.
  7.  Cartilage: It is neither a bone nor a muscle. It acts as a cushion between femur and patella.

Types of knee ligaments:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL): It prevents femur from sliding backward on the tibia or vice versa.
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL): It prevents femur from sliding forward on the tibia and vice versa.
  • Medial and Lateral Collateral Ligaments (MCL & LCL): They prevent femur from sliding side to side.

Knee pain Symptoms:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Weakness in knee
  • Crunching/Popping sound
  • Bending problems
  • Stiff joint

Types of Knee Pain:

  • Anterior
  • Posterior
  • Lateral
  • Medial

Reasons for Knee Pain:

If you are struggling with this problem then the following can be one of the reasons for the sudden knee pain:

  • Overuse: Overuse can be one of the reasons of knee pain as it puts a lot of stress on the knee. Some people do a lot of heavy weight training like squats, lunges etc which puts a lot of stress on knees. Over the years this creates a problem. So rest and variety during workout is necessary to reduce the stress.
  • Accident
  • Out of Alignment: Knees of many people are out of alignment which also creates problem. If you are out of alignment and you do exercise like squats, lunges, running etc, then there is unnecessary pressure on the knee. Running on treadmill and ground is good but running on concrete is not good as it creates alignment issue.
  • Weak thigh muscles: Most people have weal quadricep (quads) muscles or their quad muscles are too tight. This also puts a lot of pressure on the knee as femur (thigh muscle) is connected to the knee joint. So you need to stretch out the thigh muscles.

Diagnose your alignment:

  • Stand Straight and look at your feet
  • If both the feet are same or one is bending outwards
  • If both feet are same then your knees are properly aligned
  • But if one is bending towards the outward side then that knee is out of alignment

Home remedies for knee pain treatment:

If you are feeling knee pain when walking, standing, bending, running or while doing any other activity then these home remedies might be helpful to you.

  • Rest your Knee: It is very important to rest you knee if you are putting a lot of pressure on the knees by doing heavy exercises like squats. lunges, running etc. Rest for at least 7 days to reduce the inflammation in the knees.
  • Icing: Icing is very effective in reducing the knee pain. Put the ice in a bag and apply on knee for 20-30 minutes 6-7 times/day. Icing is a natural pain reliever. Bone is iced while muscle is given heat therapy.
  • Wraping the knee: While doing workout wrap the knee. Use knee straps as it will reduce some stress.
  • Exercise: Do rehab exercises like stretching to strengthen the muscles which holds the knee joint.

Knee Pain Exercises:

Here are some rehab exercises to help you.

  • Straight leg Raise

leg raise

  • Hamstring Curl

hamstring curls

  • Wall Squats

wall squats

  • Step Ups

step ups

  • Butt Kicks

butt kicks

  • Laying Lateral Knee Raise

lying lateral leg lift

  • Quad Stretch

quad stretch


There can be many reasons for knee pain. In some cases patella is damaged, in some femur. In posterior and anterior pain ligament is damaged or in some cases shinbone is damaged. So you have to diagnose the reason for the pain.

If you do the above knee rehab exercises regularly then it will provide you some respite from the pain. Doctor should be your last resort if nothing else is working. In most cases doctor gives you an injection of corticosteroid which is given in the knee cap. It gives you relief for 6-9 months, after which you have to re-inject.

It is always better to implement home remedies than to take medications, injections or surgery.

But, if your cartilage is damaged then definitely you have to see the doctor. Cartilage is neither a bone nor a muscle and it takes a lot of time to heal on its own.

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