Fight Cancer naturally with Wheatgrass: Most powerful anti-cancer food

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which cause a lot of deaths worldwide. This article is regarding a super food that fight cancer tumor cells and can be called as a miracle food that cure cancer. Now lets talk about the food which can help you a lot if you are one of the people suffering from cancer. So, the food is called Wheatgrass and is one of the most powerful anti-cancer foods and herbs out there.

Fight cancer naturally with Wheatgrass:

Wheatgrass is obtained from the wheat which is grown in the farms. It is obtained from the first leaves of the wheat plant after the seeds are sown. You can easily make it in your home, you just have to sow wheat seeds in the plant and water it daily and within a week or two wheatgrass will sprout.

It is the most alkaline food present on the planet and cancer do not like alkaline. Alkaline foods shrinks the cancer tumor naturally.

It has Selenium and Vitamin B-17 which gives it a powerful anti-cancer properties. It helps to both cure and prevent cancer.

It contains SOD (Superoxide dismutase) which is a concentrated form of Chlorophyll. Now this is the most useful part of the grass. Chlorophyll present in the grass helps in repairing and increasing the cells in your body which gets damaged due to chemotherapy, medications or treatment by increasing the oxygen in the body cells which also hinders the growth of cancer cells and weakens the tumor.

Increased oxygen also helps in the production of red blood cells (RBC’s) and gives boost to the immune system. It helps you counter the weakness due to chemotherapy sessions which weakens your immune system considerably.

So, chlorophyll acts as a protective agent cancer.

Wheatgrass also has tons of other benefits.

How to use Wheatgrass for Cancer treatment:

  • Chop the wheatgrass off the plant.
  • Wash the grass with water.
  • Put the grass in juicer and make juice of the grass or wheatgrass shot.
  • Take 1-2 oz. or 30-60mL juice per day.

So, you can add the wheatgrass shot in you anti cancer diet plan.

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