Lymphatic system is a sewage system of our body, i.e. it collects the waste and toxins from all our tissues and brings them to the appropriate organs which eliminates them. There is twice as much lymphatic fluid in our bodies as there is blood. It is similar to our blood circulatory system but not entirely same.

Our blood circulatory system relies on the heart which acts as the pump for the movement of blood through the body while the lymphatic system relies on the movement of skeleton and breath to move through the body. So a lack of physical activity or shallow breathing can drastically slow down the lymphatic system.

Sign of slow lymph system:

You can guess the functioning of your lymphatic system through certain symptoms.

  • Most obvious and strong symptom that lymphatic fluid is not moving properly is water retention or bloating. Other symptoms include chronic sinusitis or excess mucus, congestion, coughing.
  • Women specific symptoms include heavy premenstrual syndrome, swollen and tender breasts.

A poor function of lymph system can lead to low immunity as it also transports all of the immune cells in the body. So it is very important to detox it.

How to Detox Lymphatic System:

1. Eat a healthy diet and avoid all kinds of processed foods.

2. Add natural items to your diet which help you to detox the lymph system. For example, garlic (boosts immune system), ginger (reduce inflammation), turmeric (also reduces inflammation), green vegetables, citrus fruits (lemon, orange, amla), nuts (almonds, peanuts etc), flax seeds etc.

3. Do physical exercise daily as it increases blood and lymph circulation thorough the body. Physical exercise is important as lymph system do not have a pump and it depends upon the skeleton movement.

4. Get a lymphatic therapy. A massage of the lymph nodes and numerous vessels that lies around the body and underneath the skin will help in improving the system.

5. A very good method to decompress joints and stimulate lymphatic system is an inversion table technique. It is a padded table which allows upside down inverted position by strapping in our feet.

6. Detox your liver as most of the lymph fluid is produced by the liver. You can detox liver by having a glass of lukewarm lemon water on empty stomach in the morning.

7. Add lymphatic herbs to your diet. Some of the which are:

  • Systemic enzymes (helps to restore lymph transport capacity by breaking down excess proteins which contribute to swelling and inflammation)
  • Burdock (detoxifies liver, kidneys, lymphatic and endocrine systems)
  • Aloe vera (naturally increases lymphatic circulation)
  • Oregano oil (it is absorbed directly into the lymphatic system from the digestive tract. Its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties cleans the intestinal lymph capillaries)

8. Ayurveda utilizes a technique for improving lymphatic flow called Dry skin brushing. A dry brush with coarse bristles is used to brush the skin gently towards the heart. This stimulates the blood and lymph movement in underlying tissues and organs. It also open up skin pores, remove dead skin cells and stimulates the sweat glands.

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