Biscuits are consumed on a regular basis by a large segment of people with tea in the morning. Apart from that they are also used as a snack at different times during the day.

When we think about biscuits the brand which comes to the mind is Britannia which is one of the most popular brands in India. This review is about Britannia’s digestive biscuits. So lets begin with the review.

Nutrition Label:

britannia digestive biscuit product review

1. Serving Size is 2 biscuits and calorie per serving is 150 cal.

2. In 1 serving there is 4gm saturated fat which is acceptable as the daily recommendation is 20gm.

3. 200mg sodium is also acceptable.

4. Carbohydrates is 20gm is also fine out of which fiber is 2 gram which is a little less but acceptable.

5. Sugar should have been low but 5gm is also acceptable.

6. Protein is 2gm which is fine as biscuit is not a source of protein but is a source of carbohydrates.

7. So the nutrition label looks fine.

7. Now lets look at the ingredients list.


Britannia digestive biscuit product review

Ingredients: Wheat Flour (33%), Whole Wheat Flour (28%), Palm Oil, Sugar, Wheat Bran (5%), Armonium Bicarbonate & Sodium Bicarbonate (Leavening), High Maltose Syrup, Salt, Whole Milk Powder, Invert Syrup, Malt Extract, Soya Lecithin, Sodium Stearoyl 2- Lactylate & Mono and Di Glycerides of Fatty Acids (Emulsifiers), Malic Acid and Tartaric Acid (Acidity Regulators), Artificial Flavours (Cereal & Butter), Sodium Meta Bisulphite (Dough Conditioner)

  • Wheat flour is 33% while the whole wheat flour is 28%. Here you must me thinking what is the difference between wheat flour and whole wheat flour.
  • Whole Wheat flour is the flour obtained from the whole wheat seed, while wheat flour could be anything refined or processed, for ex. it could be refined wheat or maida.
  • It also contains palm oil and Mono and Di Glycerides of Fatty Acids , the 4gm fat in the product comes from this palm oil (which is a bad oil) and fatty acids which not good for health at all.
  • High Maltose syrup which is a sugar which is also bad for diabetic people as it will spike the insulin.
  • And a lot of other ingredients.
  • It also contains wheat, soya, milk and sulphites. If you are allergic to wheat then you need gluten free product, or if you are lactose intolerant then this product is not for you.
  • It may also contain eggs so this is not for vegetarians as it is mentioned in the ingredients label.

Conclusion: As compared to other brands present in India it is still better. But, overall it is not very good for health.

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